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2 years

Celebrating Skye's 2 years of freedom! 

On September 28th 2019, Skye left the dog meat farm #15. She arrived at our home a day later after 2 long flights. We brought her immediately to the vet to care for her open broken wrist. Luckily, it didn't need an amputation and healed within a month. It took a long time for her to be at ease in her new home and with us. She let me touch her 2 months later but her dad had to wait 4 more months. She discovers the joys of rolling in grass, running free, playing with toys, and digging. It took the help of a vet behaviorist, a dog trainer, some anti-anxiety medications, and lots of patience to start to understand each other and be able to do fun interactive games. We are still working on the collar / harness / leash and getting her used to new people. Despite not being able to go outside the house and meeting people, she is already taking on her role of ambassadress seriously. I tell her story when talking about farmed animals, it helps extend the compassion we feel for dogs to the animals we farm and eat in our country. Friends have been inspired by her and made a short documentary and even a children's book!


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