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We've been working on introducing Tanya, our pet sitter, to Skye. I should actually say re-introducing as we already tried last summer (see pet sitter introduction). This time around, we changed the protocol. Instead of coming through the entry door like all guests, she comes through the kitchen/garage door as she would when we won't be there. We did that first by having a fence between Tanya and Skye, and since all went well, we removed it. Today was the second visit without the fence, and Skye nipped Tanya...

The nip was very light and inhibited, but we don't want Skye to do and practice that behavior, so the fence is going back up and we are going to do more desensitization and counter-conditioning.

After this visit, we realized that Skye didn't got her morning meds (gabapentin) which may explain her high level of arousal.


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