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Alprazolam is the latest medicine we have been trying on Skye. It's an anti-anxiety drug that is supposed to lower her stress threshold and remove some of her inhibition. This is the same medication as Xanax.

It's always hard to experiment with these kind of drugs as it directly impacts her behavior and we can't really explain her what we are doing and why...

We started with 0.5mg and the effect was quite immediate. She was more interested in training and treats than usual, and seemed to have heightened sense of smell (or maybe she was just more curious). Her appetite increased right away which is a common side effect, but she also became wobbly, especially on her rear legs.

So we lowered the dose to 0.25mg and got some benefit with much less of the motor instability. This morning, she greeted the cleaning ladies and took treats from me while I was talking to them. This is the first time she does that since her summer setback. Yeah!

We aren't planning to use it as a daily medicine as she is already on sertraline and gabapentin, but as an event one like when we have visitors.


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