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annual vet checkup

Today was Skye's annual vet checkup and it went really well, nothing in comparison with last year visit! See rabies vaccination post to read how dreadful it was.

How come? you asked. Did you manage to miraculously get her on a leash, jump in the car, and enjoy meeting a new person?

I wish! but no. Our wonderful vet Chrissy came to our home.

We installed x-pens near the side yard, so she could come in the backyard and meet Skye through the fence. At first Skye barked at her and was quite aroused, but she settled down within a couple of minutes as Chrissy was ignoring her. She then quickly focused on the highest value treats I was offering her.

Since there was no vaccine or procedure to do, Chrissy was able to examine her at a distance. She was able to get a good look at her broken wrist. Skye has been licking quite a lot lately and is often wet and reddish. See picture:

Since it wasn't tender and there wasn't any pus, it's probably arthritis. And the fact that it's on her front leg, just in front of her face makes it easy to lick or chew on it.

In the end the visit lasted about 90 minutes - we had a lots of things to talk about :) and we paid a visit to the chickens and turkeys. During all that time, Skye was quite relaxed, either by my side eating treats or wandering in the yard.

It couldn't have been a better experience for all involved. And I am very grateful we have such a wonderful vet who really cares.


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