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another good day

Today was another good day. We spent the day outside. She ate good (peanut butter sandwiches seem to be a favorite), relaxed in the sun, continued exploring her new yard, and showed lots more interest in the turkeys and chickens. She is definitively started to feel better!

She even started to follow us a bit. At a safe distance of course, and if we turned around she ran away. Every time we left a place, she came and investigated the area. She is trying to figure out if we should be trusted or not.

Today was also a good day because we were able to change her bandage without any troubles. We added the sedative to her night meds, and 45 min later we were able to remove her old bandage and put a new one in place. This means that we will not have to go to the vet tomorrow. Yeah! Also the wound seems to be closing. It's still big, but it looks like the antibiotics are working.

To more days like that!


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