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She destroyed the $300+ bandage during the night! What do we do? We can't bring her again to the vet to redo it. Should we try ourselves with the new sedative? But today was supposed to be a no-stress, stay-home, nothing-bad-will-happen day. It's a beautiful day and we don't want her to be sedated for half of it. We decide to leave her bandage alone, and keep an extra eye on her to make sure she doesn't lick her wound.

That was a good decision. She was a good girl, and barely touched her leg. She ran around, explored some more, took a few naps, and even chased a squirrel!

The wound couldn't stay uncovered until our next vet appointment on Sunday, so we planned to try replacing it at bed time. We added the sedative to the concoction of meds we give her at night (we are getting very good at crushing pills into fine powder!). 30 minutes later we go see her, she looks quite sleepy, and try to change her bandage. She freaks out as soon as I touch her leg, jumps out of her crate, and hides under a desk. We abort our mission right away, and disappear in the living room to watch her remotely. We have installed a webcam in the office which has become her room with her crate, it's her quiet place away from people. And we watch her from the living room. She walks around like a drunk person and finally lays down in her crate. Second try. This time I put a towel on her, covering her head. Peter removes the top of her crate and gently holds her under the towel, while I am frantically trying to put AB ointment on her wound, cover it with a gauze, wrap it with a kling gauze, then some vet wrap, and finally use some special tape to close both ends. Done! We did it! I only used half of the ointment tube and wasted quite some tape, but we did it! We changed Skye's bandage!

Look at our handy work :)

Champagne today!


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