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bed time

Since we were able to close the backdoor, we had quiet nights with Skye sleeping soundly inside. But yesterday, Skye didn't come in. I don't know if there was more activity than usual in the yard or if she was particularly restless, but she stayed outside very alert, ready to sprint and eventually bark in frustration after all the wildlife.

Since we can't call her nor bring her inside, we usually wait while reading a book or watching a movie till she comes inside by herself, and once she is relaxed with us, we casually go close the backdoor. But yesterday, she didn't come. What do we do now?

We went to bed with our iPad to monitor her whereabout via the webcams. She barks, I go outside and invite her in, she follows me. Yeah! I manage to get her on her bed and sit next to her. If I get up, she will too, so Peter gets off the bed to go close the door, but when hearing him, Skye gets suspicious and decides to return outside. ^#%&(@ Now what? We go back to bed. Wait. Monitor the webcams. And eventually fall asleep. We wake up a bit before midnight and realize that she is on her bed in the living room. Without wasting a second, I go and close the door. BIG sigh of relief. Let's sleep now.

The fact that we have no control on Skye is actually a problem that we really don't know how to deal with...


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