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clicker training

It's been almost impossible to do any sort of active training with Skye. She is extremely suspicious of anything we do that is directed to her. I've been trying in vain to do some targeting with her by having her touch my hand or even an object. But she shuts down right away, she turns away her eyes, ignores me, and if I insist she walks away. It's totally different if she is the one to start the interaction like engaging in playing (see tag with dad) or asking me to pet her. She knows I want something from her, she doesn't understand what, and that stresses her out. After talking to Abbie, my dog behaviorist friend, we decided to try clicker training and start with a fun silly game in order not to put any pressure on either her or me (Yeah! I've been feeling bad that I haven't been able to put a collar on her yet...). We chose 101 things to do with a box from Karen Pryor.

Excited by this new project, I went and gathered a clicker, a box, and yummy treats.

I just need an awake dog now... LOL

Later in the day, we started "loading the clicker" meaning just clicking + treating without any requests. We kept it short and she loved it. At least she didn't run away and ate the treats :)

To be continued...


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