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dinner time

4pm: Time to feed the turkeys. I prepare 2 separate bowls of food. Sophie needs special meds in hers. I walked to the turkey yard with the bowls. They rushed to the gate excitingly. They are hungry. Well they are always hungry. They have been bred to eat non-stop so they are big and meaty. With the 2 bowls in my hands, I am having difficulties opening the gate. Lucie can’t wait! She jumps on top of the 4’ fence to get her food. To prevent her from jumping on the other side (where the dog is) I block her with my back and try to push her back in her yard. But instead she climbs on my head! Now I have a bowl in each hand and a turkey on my head. I finally manage to open the gate and close it just before the dog arrives all excited by the commotion. I still have Lucie on my head, but now I have Sophie jumping up and down to get to the bowls. I am walking slowly and thinking super fast on how to give each girl her food. Lucie jumps down. I try to corral one in the guest coop and give her one bowl. Now that one of my hands is free, I guide the other one to the other bowl. Oh shoot! I gave the wrong bowl to the wrong turkey. I switch the bowls, but of course the girls are following theirs. Trying to keep them separate while having (again) 2 bowls in my hands, I pour half of the content on the ground. Sophie stops to eat it. I take advantage of that respite to give Lucie her bowl, close the door of the guest coop, and finally give Sophie her dinner.

Note to self: separate the girls before bringing their meal and clip Lucie’s wings tomorrow.


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