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raccoon attack

A big kerfuffle in the yard woke us up at 5am. I jumped out of bed and ran to the barn. Peter followed with a flashlight. The top half of the door was opened (we had opened it in the evening to cool the barn but had completely forgotten to close it before going to bed!!) and saw Sophie all puffed up with lots of feathers around her. The chickens were up but fine thanks to the dividing screen door separating them from the turkeys. We inspected Sophie closely and found 3 wounds on her neck. One was a small superficial but bled because it's on her caruncle part of her head. The two others were on the back of her neck where the feathers had been pulled out, they didn't bleed but looked quite deep. We cleaned and disinfected them, give her some pain medicine. It wasn't life threatening so we waited till 9am to call the vet.

Our avian vet was able to see her at 11:30am. He immediately told us that she was fine. He cleaned the wounds and glued the 2 large ones closed. He said that we were lucky to have interrupted the attack in its early stage. He thought that the attacker was a raccoon and he just started grabbing her by the neck and didn't have time to bite her.

We are relieved that Sophie is going to be okay, but feel terrible we forgot to close the door. We also learned - although we are not surprised - that we have raccoons visiting our yard at night.

On a positive note: the vet found Sophie to be really healthy for a 6 year old broad breasted turkey. :)


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