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fencing day 4

We shrunk the yard quite a bit more yesterday. Skye has now access to 20% of it. It was actually a bit harder to get her inside the fenced area. And it may become harder in the coming days. Will see...

She clearly doesn't like it. She went immediately inside the house to hide behind a chair in the living room. This is actually what we wanted, for her to come in the house because the yard is becoming less fun at night. She stayed there for about an hour and then she heard something and ran outside. She came back and laid on her bed. We didn't dare moving. Eventually Peter went to bed, and I laid on the sofa to keep her company but she left almost immediately. We all slept until she barked at 3:30am. I went outside to check things out, and she followed me back inside in the living room where we spent the remaining of the night!

This is the first time in 20 days that she came inside after dark and stayed on her bed and slept! This is amazing! Maybe the make-the-yard-less-fun-at-night-so-skye-comes-sleep-inside strategy is working!

Let's see how it goes tonight...


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