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I love her but...

I love Skye to pieces but she has been quite a source of stress the last few weeks. None of it was her fault though. It started with the thunderstorms a dozen days ago. It was followed by a visit to the vet for her rabies shot. And then the wildfires raging in our area got us to realize that it would be really hard to evacuate with Skye. Not just the evacuation itself, we will manage to put her in a crate, but the what-to-do with her once we are safe either at a friend's or rental or hotel. Will we have to force a collar+harness+leash on her so we can take her out to pee? We would need a super fenced area to let her go. How would she react with the animals of our friends? and our friends themselves? What if she would escape?... It really kept me up at night till the danger of the fire decreased. Then today I got a call from the SFSPCA (dog) behavior department that I had contacted earlier in the week to schedule an appointment, and they told me that they needed to see Skye in person before starting any consultation. As board certified veterinary behaviorists, they can't legally consult without seeing the patient. That was the drop that made the bucket overflow. I fell apart! Maybe I should have picked a puppy at the farm instead of a traumatized mom?! Deep inside me I know this would have been wrong. I love Skye and I am really glad she is with us. But damn, it's hard at times!

Here is a cute video of us loving each other :)


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