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in her crate

Look what happened this morning!!!

It's the first time Skye lays in her crate!

We got this soft crate in March and introduced it very slowly. She made a breakthrough during a night thanks to a rat but never really went in it other than for retrieving treats. So we are not totally sure why she did that...

We were both working on the patio since our cleaning ladies were in the house. At one point Skye wanted to go inside but couldn't since the backdoor was closed. She looked very sad, tried to find a spot in the lavender, and then came to me for comfort. She checked the door again, paced a bit and then went into the crate and curled up in it. We were so surprised! You can see my astonishment from the picture Peter took. LOL

Why did she choose to go in the crate instead of going somewhere else in the yard like in her hut? And she stayed in it for a while!

Also one of the cleaning ladies was a new person Skye never met. So who knows...

But I guess it's a good thing. This crate is becoming one of her safe places. Right?


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