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little thief

Skye has been stealing things from the house, and till today I thought it was to get our attention. She would look at you, take delicately an item (socks are her favorite), and then run outside hoping you will pursue her. It's super cute!

This week, she wanted to get the cleaning crew to play with her so she took the towel under their mop while they were wiping the floor! Since we do not want to reinforce this behavior, we try to not run after her every time she steals something. So she came back in the house, and stole a small garbage bag they just took out of the can! It was hilarious, though messy...

Today, while being away, we caught her on our webcams laying outside surrounded with a sweater, a t-shirt, and a charging cable!

I think she may be a little hoarder in addition to be a little thief :)


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