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meeting Sunny

After the successful playdate with Rufus on Saturday, we felt ready to introduce another doggie friend to Skye. Sunny is a little yorkshire terrier of one of my good friends. She thinks she is a big dog and is not intimidated by dogs several times her size.

We started the introduction through a fence, and once the initial excitement wore off, we let both dogs meet in the yard. Skye was quite excited at first and really wanted to interact with Sunny who was laser focused on the treats I held and didn't really care about Skye.

All went quite well until Sunny stood up on her back legs to beg me for more treats. Skye jumps on her, took Sunny's neck in her mouth, and by the time I placed the board between them it was over! Skye was walking away and Sunny was asking for more treats!! Was it Sunny standing up or something else that triggered Skye? I don't know, but it was quite scary. After that incident, we removed the treats and Sunny started exploring the backyard. Skye followed her everywhere. It was actually very cute.

Looking back, Skye did show a lot of control. She could have seriously injured little Sunny or worse. But it also means we have to be super careful with dog socialization and take it slow.


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