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moving to the living room

After changing her bandage yesterday night, Skye decided not to stay and sleep in her crate but explore the rest of the house instead. So we closed the doors of all the rooms, opened the kitchen gate, and let her visit. She is very curious and cautious at the same time. It's really cute to watch. She came in our bedroom (we let that door open) but wasn't very sure about us, so she settled down in the living room. Just at the spot were Lallie's bed was (no, I am not crying!). When we woke up, she went outside, which gave us time to setup a mat for her, and she came back when we sat down to have breakfast.

She is becoming more and more comfortable in our home - her home, and it seems that she is starting to look for our presence. She follows us around at a distance, and sits near us when we settle down somewhere.

One day we will cuddle together <3


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