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no more morning greetings

This is the second morning that Skye "disappears" when I wake up. She was not in the living room where she spent the night, she was nowhere to be seen in the yard... We finally found her in the guest room behind the bed. She eventually came back in the living room where we were having our breakfast.

Peter noticed that she still laid on her bed when he was the one to wake up first, and that the last few weeks she was actually going outside as soon as I woke up... Uh oh! could it be that she avoiding me and my morning greetings? I've been saying her good morning almost every day for months with a little pet on her head and sometime belly rubs when she turned on her back. Maybe she was just tolerating that and now she just decided to avoid me all together!

I am a bit sad, but I really want to do the best for her and make her comfortable in her new life, so no more morning greetings till she asks for them :)


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