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overnight at Toronto

Today is the 8 week anniversary of Skye's rescue, and I would like to share a couple pictures that were taken during her transit in Toronto 8 weeks ago.

Till recently I thought she spent the night at the Air Canada kennel where a vet looked at her wound and started treating her. But actually a member from the HSI Canada shelter team in Montreal took care of her during that night. She picked up Skye at the airport when she arrived from Seoul. She brought her immediately to a vet to get the wound checked and get her started on pain meds and antibiotics. Then she brought Skye to her hotel room where she did some hydrotherapy on her in the tub, and then fed her. In the morning, she brought her back to the airport for her flight to California.

These pictures made me cry because they remind me of the poor state she was in, but they made me very happy too because she received love right away. I am so grateful for all the care that was given to Skye.

At every step of the rescue, the HSI team was there, caring and loving each of the dogs. They are amazing. Really amazing. Please support their work if you can: Thank you.


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