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rolling in the grass

Skye is starting to act like a dog, a happy and relaxed dog. She surprised and delighted us this afternoon by rolling in the grass and playing with her tail!

She also carefully approached me from behind to sniff my hand after I handled the chickens. I was super still to not spook her, but super excited to feel her breath on my hand :)

All these little things seemed so trivial with Lallie, but they are like huge milestones with Skye.

On the medical side, we finally heard back from the vet about the result of her microbial culture (of her open wound). The AB we were giving her was ineffective on the three strains of bacteria present, so we are stopping that. We had to go to the vet to get a special injection of another super strong AB. She will need another shot in 2 weeks. Going to the vet is not a fun and quick trip. First, we need to get her in the house which means that we have to wait that she goes inside as we can't lure her or herd her (about one hour today). Second we have to get her in her crate, which is relatively easy because it's her safe place away from us. Then carry her into the car, drive to the vet, bring the crate inside the hospital (double doors that aren't automatic!), and then explain the new vet tech Skye's situation and how she should be handled... On the positive side, in addition to knowing what we are dealing with, we have less meds to administer daily :)


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