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second vet visit

Today started with a visit to the vet emergency room. Not that there was anything urgent, but it was the only way to get a vet to change Skye's bandage. We didn't succeed in changing it yesterday and she chewed through it during the night. The first time they said to use an e-collar (LOL!) but that's not really an option with Skye at the moment.

It's a new vet who doesn't know about Skye's history. We tell him that he needs to sedate her to change her bandage. He says okay and asks us to take her out of her crate (yeah... that's how she goes places for now). We reply that we can't really do that because she is not yet used to us. He says fine just open the door and put her on leash. (LOL #2) And we were like... she doesn't have a collar, never had one, and the only trial we did with a slip leash was a disaster. If we let her out, she is going to run away and hide under some furniture. So we move to a small exam room (we were in the back where all major treatments are done) and remove the top of her crate. She rolls in a little ball (poor girl, she is so scared), they place a blanket on her, and give her an injection to sedate her.

She passes out fast and they change her bandage quickly. The wound looks nicer, too soon to tell if the infection will completely go away, but it's a good sign. This vet makes a smaller bandage that would be easier to remove for us (maybe for Skye too?) and replace. He also gives us a stronger sedative to use next time we want to change the bandage, tells us to only change it every 3-4 days (phew!), and makes an appointment for Sunday morning in case we don't manage to change her bandage before then (thank you! thank you!).

We brought back our sleepy dog home where she spent couple of hours in her crate, and then moved in the yard to nap in the sun.

She loves the yard. She loves it so much that she was going to spend the night there on the doormat. We had to herd her back inside so she could sleep in her crate.

Sweet dreams baby. You are safe now.


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