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Something happened yesterday night, and it spooked Skye.

I went to an event leaving her with Peter. It was dark and she started barking. Peter went outside with the flashlight to check out what was happening, he couldn't see anything except for couple of rats minding their business. He reassured her, and managed to bring her inside with some yummy treats. She settled down on her mat. An hour later, she was outside barking again, her tail between her legs looking quite stressed. Peter tried to calm her down, but she was too excited. She wasn't interested in treats anymore. After some time that seemed like an eternity when you try to get your dog not to wake up the whole neighborhood, she went by herself in the house leaving Peter outside. He followed her inside, and then she panicked realizing that he was blocking her exit to the yard. She ran past him, skidding on the floor, and escaped to the yard. A couple minutes later, she was barking again. Something was frightening her. Peter tried to search for the source, but couldn't see anything. Since he couldn't get her to stop or lure her inside, he just sat with her in the yard and she eventually calmed down. When I came back home, I found a freezing husband and a very anxious dog. I managed to get Skye inside by using my jolly-everything-is-great voice, but she was clearly worried. After a moment, we all settled in the living room. She crashed on her mat, obviously exhausted from whatever happened. Peter was of course frustrated and feeling powerless about the whole episode.

Today she didn't spend the morning inside like she did the last 4 days, she sat outside instead. Tonight, as soon as it was dark outside, she started barking again. At first, it was at the neighbors who were moving in their yard, but then it was at something else. We were able to interrupt her every time, but she wouldn't come inside. She came a few times in response to my calls and crazy antics to get her in, but she only stayed a few seconds.

Something happened. I don't know what. But it made her progress regress. It makes me sad. But we need to be patient, very patient. This is not even 6 weeks ago that she left hell.


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