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summer and the washing machine

I went to do the laundry and found an egg in the washing machine!

Oops! I must have left the door open and Summer, our new rescue, found that it made a wonderful nest box. You see, our laundry room doubles as quarantine area when we have a new chicken. To prevent this from happening again, I closed the door.

The next day, I heard a lot of flapping and frustration clucks. Summer was trying to go into the washer, throwing herself against it. I added a towel in front to hide the door but it didn't stop the determined bird. So after 15 minutes, I gave up and opened the door. I even added a towel to make it more comfortable. She immediately jumped into the machine and gave me a happy chirp. But I didn't realize that the drum would turn when she walked in it...

So I ended up removing the towel and she was finally able to lay her egg in peace.

She ended up laying an egg every day for the 20 days of her quarantine.


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