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treats trail

Peter got as assignment from the vet behaviorist to leave a trail of treats behind him when he is in Skye's vicinity. The idea is for her to create a positive association with him. The instructions were don't call her, don't look at her, and walk away from her.

As soon as he opened the treat jar, Skye ran into the house. LOL. To be more discreet, he stored lots of treats in a bag to carry around at all times. Despite being in a ziplock bag, Skye could smell them in his pocket and started to follow him around. LOL! And then when he started dropping treats, Skye was like "What are you doing? Why do you throw them on the ground? Can't you just hand them to me?". LOL!! Peter had to slow down and drop one treat at the time, so she eats the treat and not just runs after him. It was just hilarious!!!

Anyway, the exercise seems to be working as Skye is indeed becoming more relaxed in Peter's presence.


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