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Gearing up checklist

So, you decided to bring chickens into your family. You have weighed the pros and cons of sharing your life with chickens, read everything you could put your hands on about chicken care, and maybe even attended one of our classes. You got the whole family onboard with the project, found someone who will take care of them during your vacations, and of course checked the municipal code to ensure they will be welcomed in your neighborhood. Now what?

Here is a checklist to help you make sure you have everything in place before bringing your very first chickens home. It contains links to some relevant articles for more detailed information.

⬜ Coop

◻️ Hen house

◽ minimum 4 sq. ft floor space per chicken

◽ 1’ roosting space per chicken

◽ 1 nest box (1’x1’x1’) for every 3 hens

◽ well aerated

◽ predator and rat proof

◽ wood shavings or something soft and absorbent to cover the floor

◻️ Run

◽ minimum 10 sq. ft floor space per chicken

◽ predator and rat proof

◽ dust-bath area

◽ partially covered when it rains

⬜ Gear

◻️ Read more: “Waterers”, “Feeders”

◻️ waterer(s)

◻️ feeder(s)

◻️ weather and rodent proof storage for the feed

◻️ cage cups for calcium and grit

⬜ Food

◻️ feed

◻️ calcium

◻️ grit (optional)

◻️ treats

⬜ Feed store

◻️ Address: _________________________________________


⬜ Veterinarians

◻️ Primary vet:

◽ Address: _______________________________________


◽ Phone: ________________________________________

◻️ Secondary / Emergency vet:

◽ Address: ________________________________________


◽ Phone: _________________________________________

All checked?

Congratulations! You are now ready to bring your chickens home!

And please consider adopting instead of buying them :)


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