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clipped wings

I was in the garden when I heard a big flap behind me. By the time I turned my head, Sophie was on top of the 4' fence. She didn't lose an instant to jump down and beelined to the vegetable garden. I didn't care for the veggies. My first thought was where is Skye? I quickly scanned the yard, no dog. Then I saw her behind the window in the living room. Her head was up looking outside wondering where all the commotion came from (The flight of a turkey is nothing quiet or gracious, it's more like a chopper taking off!). We both immediately ran to the door of the house. Me to keep Skye inside, and her to go out! I beat her to it by a fraction of a second. Phew! Sorry Skye! I just lost some of your trust, but Sophie may have lost more otherwise! I then went back to pick up Sophie who was having a blast in the veggie bed, brought her back in her yard, and immediately clipped her wings.

Note that clipping the wings of a turkey or a chicken doesn't hurt them. See this article for more information.


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