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joining the hen rescue

Decision made. I am joining the next hen rescue. Not the unloading at the ranch nor the health check, but the team that goes inside the egg farm and pull the hens out of the cages!

Animal Place called me yesterday to ask if I was interested to join them. I was both flattered and scared. Flattered of the trust they put in me, that I was becoming one of them. Scared of what I am going to see. I've seen pictures of the inside of battery cage farms, and I am purposefully avoiding any documentaries on the topic. I know it's horrendous.

I spent all the night debating if I should go or not. They didn't put any pressure on me. A team is already assembled, they could use another pair of hands, but it was totally up to me.

Do I want to see first-hand inside an egg farm? No! I know it's awful. I have no desire to check it out in person.

Do I want to take hens out of those horrendous cages? Yes of course! I want to save them, all of them!

Am I going to be traumatized? Probably. But how much? Will I stop sleeping at night, become depressed, be more radical, lose all my friends because they don't stop eating eggs?

Do I really need to go in the farm to show I care about the animals? I am already doing a lot for them. I volunteer (health checks, adoption events, talks...), I donate money, I adopt rescued hens, I promote hen adoption whenever I have the opportunity.

A little voice in me says I should go, and I will regret it if I don't. So with the support of my wonderful hubby, I decided to follow that little voice. Will see where it leads me...

The rescue operation "Liberate Libby" will take place on July 23rd.


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