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wolf moon

After not sleeping for a night because of Skye and the full moon, we added extra sheets of paper and turned on the new white noise machine we just bought.

This unfortunately didn't work. The wolf moon (the first full moon of the year) was really bright, and Skye just watched the yard through the uncovered spots... The white noise didn't seem to help much either...

So yesterday, we completely covered all the windows and increased the volume of the white noise machine.

That was actually worse! In addition to her normal barking, there was lots of frustration barking, and lots of pacing as she went from room to room to find a window with a view!

At 11pm, we gave her some alprazolam to reduce her anxiety, but that didn't made any visible difference. She barked at 1am and then 2:30am. This is when we decided to just remove all the paper covering. Let's at least remove her frustration! We got to sleep till 5am when she barked again.

I am not sure what we are going to do tonight. Probably just have the white noise machine on. But I think we will just have to wait for the dimming of the moonlight, and accept that our sleeping cycle is connected to Skye's which is obviously connected to the moon cycle. LOL


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