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There are many wonderful people and organizations rescuing and caring for animals.

Some rescue them from terrible situations, some provide temporary shelter till a forever home is found, and others give them sanctuary for life.

Rescued! features 25 animals who have been rescued by 21 sanctuaries and shelters in California.

Most of the sanctuaries are open to the public so you can meet the animals. And you might even see one of the animals from this game.

And if you are looking for a companion animal, visit your local shelter and adopt.

About us

About us​

Isabelle Cnudde has been an animal lover since forever. She grew up in the South of France with cats, dogs, bunnies, budgies, and fishes. After her career in high tech brought her to sunny California, she brought chickens into her backyard. These awesome creatures opened her eyes to the world of farmed animals, and changed her life. She quit her corporate job, transformed her backyard into a micro-sanctuary, and founded Clorofil, an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit. She shares her passion with her community by talking about the life of farmed animals and the impact of animal agriculture on our planet. She lives with her husband, chickens, turkeys, and dog, all rescued from the meat and egg industry (well... not the husband!).

Mark Middleton is the artist behind the amazing paintings in the game. Visit his website to see his other work.

Our friends Rhianna Axon, Josh Balk, Marji Beach, Brad Beldner, Kerry Billner, Mahita Bobba, Emily Byrd, Yolanda Calderon, Liz Calhoon, Louise Christy, Lexie Crilley, Davy Davidson, Annika Davis, Dongre family, Dooley family, Alana Eckhart, Milena Esherick, Jan Galeazzi, Katherine Glasa, Chris Haag, Marian Hailey-Moss, Danielle Hanosh, Jeremy Hay, Kristina Hunken, Susan McCracken, Kristie Middleton, Mikael Roldsgaard Nielsen, Chloe Olsen, Carrie Parker, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Pavard family, Heather Rosenfeld, Mary Rubin, Paul Shapiro, Lisa Ann Strand, Kim Sturla, Al Whaley, and Lori Woods helped brainstorming, reviewing, fact checking, editing, and play testing.

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Created by Isabelle Cnudde
Illustrated by Mark Middleton

© 2020-2024 by Clorofil

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