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close escape

With my hands full of pumpkins and salad, I approach the chicken yard. The girls see me and run to the gate. In her eagerness to get first dibs, Spunky gets out the chicken yard as soon as I open the gate. She is surprised to be out and starts walking along the fence away from the gate. I panic. Drop all the treats on the ground. Where is the dog? I call - huh - scream for my husband to come help. Skye comes first! I dive on top of the chicken just in time. Skye gets really close to her head, but to my surprise sniffs her instead of attacking her or biting. She is actually more intrigued by my ruckus and doesn't realize yet that a chicken escaped. Without waiting for Skye to realize that, I scoop Spunky up and we go back in her yard. Spunky emits two of the loudest squawks I ever heard. After a thorough check, I let her go. She immediately joins her friends who hid under the bushes. I sit and start shaking uncontrollably.

That was close! too close!


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