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Curry is the latest hen who won my heart.

She is a 3.5y old red sex link who was rescued by Animal Place last month. She came to the rescue ranch with 1000 of her sisters. I stayed at the ranch for a few days to help the staff with the new arrival. Cleaning barns, feeding, checking, medicating, corralling... We did lots of back and forth between the barns.

We noticed that a little hen was following us when we came to her barn. She would stretch her neck as she was trying to listen to us. We picked her up and saw that she was missing an eye, and had a very small pupil in the other eye that allowed her to see only shades. But she seemed to manage fine, find food and water, and avoid the bullies.

After a morning of chores, we sat in the chicken yard to rest and enjoy the joyous chaos of the newly freed hens. The same little hen who had been following us came where we sat and directly laid down between my legs! It was amazing. I was very happy.

We put a little band on her leg so we could recognize her better. And sure enough, every time we came to her barn, she was there. Looking for us, looking for me! Maybe my French accent, or maybe she knew I couldn't resist her little game of seduction. I started talking to my husband about her. What do you think if I bring another chicken home? Can we make our project to extend our coop happen sooner?... Oh! and by the way, she is blind. He named her Curry :)

To make sure I wouldn't forget her, the last night I was at the ranch, she flew on my head and decided to roost on my shoulder warm against my neck. It was amazing. I was in love.

I picked her up at the rescue ranch this week to bring her home. I was a bit ensure if she would remember me. But I was wrong. As soon as I sat in her yard, she came running to me. This was pure joy.


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