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walle takes on the turkeys

Walle is standing with both her feet in the turkeys’ dinner. She flaps her wings and chases them away. Sophie and Lucie run toward me with sad faces. “Mom! There is a chicken in our bowl! Help!”

Walle is the little injured hen who came to our sanctuary earlier this year. After spending a month in the house recovering, she joined our main flock outside last week.

She is quite skittish around the other hens. She runs away as soon as another hen walks toward her, or even just shows some interest to the food she is eating. But hey that’s quite normal, they are 8 and she is 1.

What is not normal, is that she is taking on the turkeys!

All the chickens learned to keep their distance when the turkeys eat - even Spunky and Curry, the bolder ones. But not Walle! Not only does she go for the food, but she goes after Sophie and Lucie, chasing them away!

Although it’s very funny and entertaining to watch, Walle doesn’t realize the danger of her audacious moves. So for her own safety, we are now feeding the big girls in a separate area.


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